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      Three Hammers is a welcoming, supportive and inclusive training community conveniently located on 63rd street right off of Roosevelt Avenue in Woodside, NY. We are a block from both the 61st street 7 train stop and LIRR Woodside stop.

      Our facility is equipped with barbells, weightlifting platforms, kettlebells, dumbbells, a Rogue pull up rig, Concept2 rowers, bike-ergs, ski-ergs and much more. We train anyone and everyone. You’ll find students, executives, stay-at-home parents, athletes, artists, first responders, educators, lawyers, and more. All fitness levels are welcome!

      Through our years of experience coaching and leading, we've learned that "movement is medicine". We all come from different walks of life but in this gym space we're all faced with the same adversity. If we teach our clients how to move properly and then add intensity, they can achieve levels of fitness they previously believed impossible. Our experience has also shown a warm, welcoming and caring gym community is crucial to our clients achieving their fitness goals. Its a game changer when you're excited to walk through the gym doors each day and we strive to make that possible for all of our clients.



Adam Bakatsias

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Adam is a Level 2 CrossFit Coach(CF-L2) and Olympic Weightlifting Coach(USAW-L1) with 8 years experience. This experience includes head coaching and gym managing for the last 4 years.  He has a passion for helping people move their bodies. He's worked with people of all ages and experience levels. Adam has competed seriously in both CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting. He is a true leader within his community. You might find him a little sweaty and out of breath when you come into the gym. He loves to practice what he preaches.


Sigbert Guy Jr

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Sigbert's passion for functional fitness started in 2017 when he took his first CrossFit class. He started coaching group fitness classes in 2018 and has since gone on to participate in various CrossFit competitions and obtain his CF-L1 (CrossFit Level 1). Being a coach with over 5 years experience, Sigbert prides himself in his dedication toward constant improvement - for himself and for those around him. As a father of 3, his priority is to lead by example and to show those around him that any goal is achievable as long as you have the right mindset!

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Mabel Marquez

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Mabel has over 10 years experience in personal training, 5 years of spin instruction, endurance training, youth athletic coaching and group fitness classes (both virtual and in person). Her experience in personal training/coaching includes people of all ages. Recently specializing in pre & post natal women. Over the last 2 years she has successfully run her own virtual/in-personal fitness small business as well.  Her own athletic endeavors include competitive CrossFit, and marathon running. As the only female coach, she plans to make an impact on our community of females by exuding confidence and strength in every aspect.

George Bakatsias
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George has been a competitive Olympic weightlifting coach and athlete for over 7 years. He's competed and coached at USA Weightlifting local and national events around the country. Since getting into the sport, his passion and pursuit of excellence hasn't left him, constantly studying, analyzing, and experimenting both in and out of the gym. George also has technical experience in app development, building software for the fitness industry. A man of few words but he is the brains behind Three Hammers. He's also known as the professor.


Andrew Bakatsias

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Rooted in the belief that nutrition is the foundation of both your physical and mental well-being - Andrew Bakatsias found his passion through helping others reach their ultimate fitness goals. Determined to make a permanent impact on each of his clients lives, Andrew has developed a 3 pillar system under his BaktotheLab Blueprint program that uses performance based weight loss to create massive wins and ultimately change lives. Growing up Andrew has always shared a passion for fitness. He is an avid CrossFitter and has 8 years of experience. He holds a BS in Health Science from Stony Brook University. He has also acquired his nutrition coaching certifications from both Precision Nutrition and the Nutrition Coaching Institute. He has guided individuals across the world to achieve life changing results. They’ve decreased body fat, increased muscle mass, gained energy, and developed newfound confidence in and outside of the gym. If this sounds like a journey you are ready to embark on, he is ready and willing to help.

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